Clash of Clans: How to get all 5 builder huts for free

If You are Clash of Clans addict You’d be already knowing the importance of having more builder huts but before we start I’d like to tell you that It’s not gonna easy and You’ll need patience so Lets Start – hqdefault

We all want more builders in our favorite clash of clans game because it helps us to upgrade many things at a time.We get two builders in the starting game tutorial and it needs at least 500 gems to get the third builder, 1,000 gems for the 4th builder and 2,000 gems for the 5th builder which is very costly.The game supports In-app purchases for the gems but they are way too costly.

We can buy gems, gold and elixir in the game for a couple of dollars but I don’t recommend doing it because they are too costly and once you buy you will get addicted to buying gems rather than doing hard work which is not a good deal.

This method will work for Clash of Clans for PC or Mobile.

Before we start – this method will require some time to get all the builder huts for free so, patience is necessary.Don’t get too excited that you’ll get all the builder huts in a couple of be honest, it will require at least 5-6 months to get all the builder huts and some patience

So, Let’s get started – 

Builder no.1 – to get the 3rd builder hut you need to get at least 2 weeks for

  • collecting gems through the items which appear in your village like trees,bushes and mushrooms etc. You have to collect at least 50 gems from those items.
  • then after collecting those you need to complete an achievement named sweet victory which requires you to collect 1250 trophies, this achievement will help you gain 450 gems – 450+50=500 gems. You Get Your 3rd Builder by this !! 😀

Builder no.2 –  to get the 4th builder hut you need at least 3 months.

  • You need to collect at least 200 gems from the items which grow in your village which will take at least 2 months.hqdefault (1)
  • we need 800 more gems.So, by small achievements for 10-20 gems you should collect at least 200 gems from that because there are many achievements like that and you also need patience.
  • now we have 400 gems and we need 600 gems more so, we need to complete some big achievements. so, we need to complete an achievement called  friend in need which says that you need to donate at least 25000 troops to your clanmates and it gives you 250 gems.
  • which means now we have 650 gems and we need 350 gems more.we need to complete another achievement called unbreakable which says that you need to successfully defend against 5000 attacks which offers you 100, we have 750 gems.
  • we need 250 gems more so, we need to do  an achievement called war hero and it gives 200 gems.
  • so we need 50 more gems which can be completed by completing an achievement called war hero which says win 10 stars from clan wars.

          So, Now you have your 4th builder 😀

Builder no. 3 – to get the 5th builder it will take at least 8 months

  • There are many achievements that can give you a good amount of gems like war hero which says that you need to score 1000 stars in clan wars and it will give you 1000 gems.
  • The 2nd achievement is firefighter who says that you need to destroy 5000 inferno towers, and it will reward you with 1000 gems
  • so 1000+1000=2000 gems which mean that you  have you got your 5th builder hut also

Now, Let’s do some maths – There are 72 achievements in the game which only reward you with gems and XP. So, if we add all the gems from the 72 achievements we get 10,757 Gems and if we buy all the builder huts we then also get at least 7000+ gems left.

The perfect town hall levels to buy builder huts- 

3rd builder hut- you can get your 3rd builder hut by Town Hall 5 or 6

4th builder hut – you can get your 4th builder hut by Town Hall 8 or 9

5th builder hut – you can get your 5th builder hut by Town Hall 10 or 11

Clash of Clans is a game which requires a hell lot of strategy and patience and it is the only way You can get success in this game. So, These were my tricks to get all builder huts for free.

Thank You!


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